In december last year I was enlisted to help the Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M) exercise here in Kuantan. Initially I was stationed at Pulau Tioman, but due to adverse weather condition I was reassigned to Bukit Serok, an aborigine settlement at Rompin. It is a small orang asli village located some 40 km from Muadzam Shah and 140 km from Kuantan.

I have no problem on working outstation since it’s december. I’ve been a tax officer for four years and december for me it’s the slowest time of the year.

I’ve discovered that Bukit Serok is actually a resettlement village. When Felda or Felcra want to open an settlement they’ll relocated some family to this new settlement. This is what happen with Bukit Serok. Although it is a small village dominated with orang asli, you may find small number of Malay, Chinese and Indian family live here.

At this village time is almost still. It is so quiet and peaceful I like it so much. I am a guy who can’t stand the life city. I’ve discovered this when I just started with my job about four years ago. Come saturday and I’m become restless and itching to run away from Kuantan. I started to wander randomly and try to find any small village especially close to beach so I can relax.

So discovering Bukit Serok is a very quiet place is a pleasent surprise for me. I like the warm and always smiling village folks. Their friendliness is something I cherish. It’s a very contrasting from city folks.

Since it’s a small village we’re only busy on 10th December, the very first day BR1M form is distributed. After that there’s only small number of applicants come to get or submit the form.

Here are some pictures from my experince in this BR1M programme for you to enjoy.