When you as a taxpayer have monthly tax deduction exceeding tax charge, you are entitled for a refund.

Usually when I met a taxpayer requesting for a refund he or she usually say it like this “Awak hutang saya bla bla bla”.

Now that I’m not a genius or something but honestly for me, using word like “hutang” or anything similar to describe that LHDN is “berhutang” to you in incorrect. I’m not someone good to explain it so I’ll use an analogy:

Suppose that you went shopping with your wife or husband at grocery/supermarket/hypermarket(or whatever you call it) and your total purchase is RM269. You don’t have an exact RM269 bill so you give the cashier RM300  and the cashier has to give you RM31 change back. Are you going to tell the cashier “Awak hutang saya RM31”?

Of course not. Same thing applies to tax refund. Hope you understand =)