I noticed in few days there’s a spike in search term for “cukai”, “cukai terlebih bayar”, “pcb” and other words that related to income tax. It’s not a surprise to me because the tax season is here already. LHDN has started e-filing for salary income on 1st March.

I do have some posts about income tax few years ago. You can check it through the “LHDN” Categories and tags in my blog. Luckily The Star newspaper run news about income tax submission today. You can check it here.

My only advise is check out the tax relief entitle to you before filing. Noticeable relief this year is broadband tax relief. I believe there’s a significant number of taxpayers who claim this relief due to the government initiative to increase the broadband penetration. I myself saw almost 70 to 80 percent taxpayers claim this relief in their submission.

Finally you are advised to do the filing early to avoid traffic congestion. Happy tax season!


Update 1: The reason why LHDN urge taxpayers to file early because to avoid penalty on late submission. Also do mind that the 30 April dateline also serve the dateline to pay the balance (If any).

Update 2: I would like to remind those who have submit the tax form using e-filing facility, you do not have to request for refund if you have excess deduction (i.e PCB), LHDN will automatically process the refund in 14 workdays if there’s no problem arises from your submission.