iPhone 4 back

Apple’s iPhone 4 includes a bevy of new features, including a massively improved screen, 720p video capture and video calling. But there were a few surprise omissions from last night’s announcement.

1. 64GB model

For a device that doubles as an iPod, and is now encouraging people to capture and edit HD video, it’s more than a little surprising that Apple didn’t boost the storage capacity on the iPhone 4 to at least 64GB. Those with even moderately sized music collections and an appetite for apps may struggle with the 32GB storage capacity, let alone the entry-level 16GB model.

2. OLED display

Although Apple has clearly put a lot of work into the new “retina” display, which contains four times as many pixels as the iPhone 3GS, many people were predicting a super-bright OLED display would make an appearance in the iPhone 4.

3. iPad tethering

OK, nobody was seriously expecting Apple to shoot itself in the foot by allowing iPad owners to tether their device to the iPhone and give it a mobile internet connection. But is it really too much to ask for those who’ve invested in Apple products twice? I don’t think so.

4. Music streaming

Apple last year bought music streaming service, Lala, but we’re still waiting for streaming to arrive in iTunes or on the iPhone. In the meantime, the Spotify app looks set to benefit enormously from the multitasking facilities on offer in iOS 4, leaving Apple with even more ground to make up on its innovative rival.

5. Surprises

Steve Jobs may have quipped “believe me, you ain’t seen it,” when he first announced the iPhone 4, but the truth is, we had. The lost/stolen iPhone that found its way into Gizmodo’s hands earlier this year contained pretty much all the features that were announced last night, including the dual microphones, the front-facing camera and the bigger battery.