Saya dapat artikel dibawah semasa sedang mencari maklumat mengenai isu2 broadband(celcom, maxis, tm dan bla bla bla..korang tau la kan?) . Menarik gak tulisan bloggernye..

I subscribed to Maxis Broadband a few days ago with one of their Partner in a shopping mall. I have to admit that I am so dull about broadband and I didn’t know wireless broadband is not stable to be used in high rise building. But, I remembered very clearly I did ask them if broadband could be used in condominium as I stayed in eleventh floor. The answer given was: “No problem, you can even use it in twentieth floor”. So happy to hear that and I paid RM100.00 immediately for the activation fees and registered for the service.

Under the Terms and Conditions, a free modem is given and if the Service is not up to our expectation, the customer can return the modem within 7 days from the date of registration at no charge and Maxis will refund the RM100.00 activation fee provided the modem and its packaging are in good condition. What’s an excellent service they have right?

I rushed back home and set up everything instantly and unfortunately, I found out the connection and speed were terribly slow. I called up to their reseller and the sales person advised me to return back to Maxis HQ and get the refund there. The reseller is only allowed to receive cash and not authorized to pay back the refund to the customer. That was all right for me and I have no complaint over this issue at all.

The next morning, I drove all the way to Maxis HQ (KLCC) and returned the modem to them. The ground staff of Maxis was so surprised why I cancelled the service so fast. I informed him I am staying in a condominium at eleventh floor and I told him what was actually happened when I subscribed to the service with their reseller. Surprisingly, this guy called to the sales person and asked him this: “Hey, do you know that broadband is not suitable to use in high rise from fifth floor and above? Don’t always think of your commission only! You make us so trouble!” I didn’t know how actually the sales guy replied but who cares, I just want my refund and go. I wondered if Maxis provides any training to their Partners. Frankly speaking, I felt so sorry to the sales person at that moment as he is just a working person to earn a living.

All the items returned were in good conditions and they prepared a “Modem Return Form” for me then. Lastly, of course is the refund right? So, this was where the unbelievable thing happened. The ground staff told me I will get my refund in check. That was fine to me actually. But, do you know how long they need to prepare the check? 2 to 3 months time. I asked him: “Why should I wait for so long? I paid cash to your Partner when I registered!” The replied was: “Sorry sir, this is our Company’s Policies“.

Who cares about your Company’s Policies? Your Company’s Policies only apply to your staffs, not the customers. Who agreed and accepted your Policies at the first place? Why a customer should obey to these Policies? Maxis never stated this in their Terms & Conditions in the Registration Form and they simply hold our money as they like. I still could accept if they refund me within 2 to 3 days or even 2 to 3 weeks. But, they want to hold for 2 to 3 months. Luckily their Policies never said 2 to 3 years.

The main point here in this Blog is not because of the RM100.00 and it is all about the principle (you have your Policies I also have my principles). Should we need to obey to their so-called “Company’s Policies”? The annual sales turnover of Maxis perhaps more than millions of dollar, why should they hold the refund for such a long period of time? Um… assuming, if there are more than 1,000 customers returned the modem with the similar scenario like me, they will have RM100, 000.00 per month and so on. Can save in Fixed Deposit and make some good interest perhaps! Ha.. of course Maxis wouldn’t do that I suppose, this is just an assumption and joke only. But, I still want to ask the readers (if happen to have someone who read this blog), why huh…why they need to process so long for just RM100.00 check? Another question I would like to ask the readers: “Can I claim my parking fee and petrol from Maxis uh..?” I have to travel to and fro wasting my time and money just because of their non professional service. Somehow, I still let them to keep my money for no interest! May be safer to keep there rather than Bank. Bank always get robbed recently.

For conclusion, I shall advise all the poor consumers out there to check how long be the refunding period (if trial period is available) before you subscribe to any kind of service or purchase any product regardless from what company. Need to watch out especially those “Big Shot”. Example: “Can you negotiate with TNB to reduce the rate”? Ha… I shall discuss this in another Blog later.

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