Yesterday I read a quote from our former prime minister Tun Mahathir, he says Malaysia politics has resort to dirty tactic and it ashamed him. What he said make me think that his truly right, but not rightly true.

Malaysian still fresh from the aftermath of 8 March 08, the day politics in our beloved country changed forever. Opposition gain control over 5 states( now they lost one) and suddenly Malaysian think the solid BN coalition is not relevant anymore. Finger pointing began and Pak Lah pressured to step down.

Certainly this triggered turmoil and at some point will shy away potential investors, business slowdown and recession might hit our economy. I’ve recalled some 2 years ago one lecturer in a course I’ve taken told me and fellow student to take opportunity to work overseas if it arises. He told that because in his opinion Malaysia could face something big yet he does not assured what it is.

He certainly true though, the March 8 happen and couple with other crisis world is facing, we certainly in turmoil right now. Merely months ago American face economy crisis from it banking sector, oil price sky high merely one year ago and triggered food crisis. This eventually take effect on Malaysia. I don’t need to elaborate more as you all know all of it.

Recently photo’s of semi-nude woman of a politician from S’gor leaked. As expected the blame game begun and its probably down to some dirty tactic or just a unfortunate incident of privacy abused. But it could be both actually. The Politician gone overseas but the incident still dragged far in Malaysia. This whole week the story dominated almost all front page on the newspapers.

Let’s just hope and pray our politician will learn and has more dignity.. šŸ™‚