the whole world is waiting a history in the making; the inauguration of 44th president of USA.

I myself cannot hide the huge expectation and excitement is filling in the air especially in USA right now.

He takes over a nation longing for change after George Bush’s eight divisive years in the White House, an era that witnessed the 9/11 terror attacks in 2001, the beginning of wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and an economic collapse not seen since the 1930s’ Great Depression.

Obama’s ascendancy marks a milestone once unthinkable in a nation that has struggled with racial issues since its founding and where segregation was practiced in many Southern states decades ago. It takes place outside the US Capitol, which slaves helped build. Obama will take his oath on the same Bible used at the 1861 inauguration of Abraham Lincoln, whose Emancipation Proclamation ended slavery

Certainly the whole world is waiting and hoping the better future to come.